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Title A Study on Temperature and Humidity Calibration for PIN Photodiode Radon Detector
Authors 정재원(Jai-Won Chung) ; 김규식(Gyu-Sik Kim)
Page pp.97-104
ISSN 2287-5026
Keywords PIN photodiode radon detector; temperature; humidity; calibration; linear regression
Abstract The radon concentration values measured by the PIN photodiode radon detectors in indoor is influenced by temperature and humidity, but few studies have focused on the calibration method for effects of temperature and humidity on the measured values using PIN photodiode radon detector. In this paper, temperature, relative humidity, radon count, and radon concentration were measured under different conditions, and we derived the multiple linear regression model for calculation of the radon concentration using the measurement results and multiple regression analysis. We compared the RMSE values for calibrated case and noncalibrated case for PIN photodiode radon detector and found that the RMSE value of calibrated case was smaller than that of noncalibrated case.