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Title Fuzzy PID Control Algorithm For Improvement Of BLDC Motor Speed Response Characteristics
Authors 김태오(Tae-Oh Kim) ; 한상수(Sang-Soo Han)
Page pp.105-110
ISSN 2287-5026
Keywords BLDC Motor; PID controller; Fuzzy PID controller; overshoots; Settling Time
Abstract While today's BLDC motors are high performance and small in size, they are widely used for industrial use due to their small and efficient torque, and a variety of control techniques are being developed to achieve optimum performance. A typical PI controller is often used to control such BLDC motors However, PI control has a large overshoot and the setting time is longer when switching speeds. Although many PID controllers are used to address this, it takes a lot of experience and effort to achieve optimized benefits. To address this problem, we propose a fuzzy PID control algorithm, a combination of fuzzy control controllers and PID controllers that have a short time of reaching normal state from transient response state without a large overshoot. The test results showed that speed control reached normal state 0.014 seconds faster than the existing PID control.