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Title Design and Implementation of GPS RTK Positioning Using Carrier Phase Measurement on an Embedded Board
Authors (Jhabindra Khanal) ; (Felipe Patino Vista IV) ; (Kim Young Chul) ; (Kil To Chong)
Page pp.477-484
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords GPS; Carrier phase measurement; Embedded system; Relative position
Abstract The Global Positioning System (GPS) is currently used in many geodetic applications to obtain precise positions within a centimeter, or even within a millimeter. Generally, such a level of accuracy can be obtained by performing complex processing on expensive receivers and antennas.
Such high-cost devices can be replaced by low-cost, single-frequency GPS receivers to obtain precise positions. To do so, in this paper, Carrier Phase (CP)-based relative algorithms are successfully implemented on a CUDA-enabled embedded board (the Jetson TK1) with two lowcost GNNS receivers. A CUDA-enabled graphics processing unit (GPU) is a highly parallel structure that makes efficient and faster CP-based algorithms and that can process large blocks of data in parallel. Our results from field measurements clearly show that the positioning performance of a Rover with respect to the Base receiver reached the centimeter level. Therefore, this work shows the possibility of accurately estimating the position of a receiver using low-cost hardwarebased RTK algorithms.