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Title ISAS: AAA Protocol-based Handover and Improved Security Methodology through the Integration Security Authentication System Constitute
Authors (Byungjoo Park) ; (Jaehwan Kim) ; (Janise McNair)
Page pp.358-367
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Mobility management; AAA; RR; Handover; Multicast
Abstract Security risks were raised during the handover of Mobile Nodes (MNs) in the Mobile Internet Protocol version 6 (MIPv6), which were demonstrated in the instigation of route optimization between the MN and its Correspondent Node (CN). The return routability procedure provides a basic security measure for the communication between the MN and CN, but this security scheme still suffers from various weaknesses and loopholes. Thus, various methodologies in securing the handovers for MIPv6 were incorporated in line with the security agreement with authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) infrastructure. This paper proposes an establishment of the Integration Security Authentication System based on the AAA infrastructure to maintain the security level of the fast handover mobility management to provide an improved Quality of Service.