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Title Research on the Application of Intelligent Technology Based on The Vector Controller and Wireless Module in Automotive Manufacturing
Authors (Wenna Li);(Shuai Tang)
Page pp.197-208
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Vector controller; Wireless module; Intelligent technology; Ant colony algorithm; Automotive manufacturing
Abstract The assembly of various components in automobiles is an essential component of manufactured products, and currently, most of the assembly is done manually, which has high labor intensity and specific human errors. An unmanned workshop and intelligent processing were achieved by improving the vector control of assembly motors operated by a microcontroller with embedded wireless modules in the background. This study also performed two-bit spatial modeling of the workshop and then combined sensor technology to build the environment and transport this motor to the operating table. Therefore, the ant colony algorithm is used for path planning to achieve obstacle avoidance and smooth transportation of automatic transportation in the workshop. The torque and current pulse output using the embedded vector controller were relatively smooth, with small fluctuations up and down and current fluctuations within 1A. Hence, the controller can achieve vector control while maintaining a stable torque output. The studied vector controller can achieve a given torque output at 0.1s, highlighting the high efficiency of the method. The path planning results of the three types of obstacle transportation robots can achieve path smoothness, with an error of only about 0.12, demonstrating the excellent performance of this method. Several vector controllers satisfied the frame and seat assembly when used with the transport robot.