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Title Power Dispatching Technology based on Improved ABC Algorithm
Authors (Wei Lou);(Rong Hu);(Gang Luo);(Rui Yang)
Page pp.273-284
ISSN 2287-5255
Keywords Improved ABC algorithm; Load; Power dispatch; Search factor
Abstract Power dispatch is an effective measure to achieve the rational utilization of power resources and reduce economic costs. On the other hand, existing power resource scheduling technologies have problems, such as low efficiency and inability to meet actual power demand. Therefore, search factors and selection strategies are introduced based on the preprocessing of power load data to improve the artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm, solve this problem, and meet the power load demand. A power resource-scheduling model based on the ABC algorithm is constructed to achieve reasonable utilization of resources. According to the findings, the optimized method showed the best convergence performance among the six benchmark function tests. In the f2 function, it converged from 108. The minimum loss value was 104 when the function iteration value was 103. This suggests that the power resource scheduling technology based on improved methods has good application effects and can effectively achieve the reasonable allocation and utilization of power resources.