Title The Effects of the Residential Satisfaction and Brand Image on the Customer Loyalty in the Apartment Market
Authors Park In-Sook ; Kim Jeong-Hack ; Kim Jae-Jun
Page pp.57-64
ISSN 12269093
Keywords Apartment Housing ; Perceived Quality ; Residential Satisfaction ; Brand Image ; Customer Loyalty
Abstract The purpose of this study is to analyze the casual relationships of the perceived quality, brand image, residential satisfaction, and customer loyalty on all residents of apartment housing. This study develops a theoretical model based on the previous studies, and testifies the hypothesis through analyzing to questionnaires form 804 residents of apartment housing. The results of this study is summarized as the followings: First, the perceived quality had positive effects on the residential satisfaction and brand image, Second, the brand image also had positive effects on the residential satisfaction, Finally, the residential satisfaction and brand image had positive effects on customer loyalty as they were.