Title An Experimental Study on Evaluation of Drainage Flow Performance and Noise in The United Plumbing System
Authors Kim Yong-Kyoung ; Park Ju-Yang ; Yee Jurng-Jae
Page pp.297-304
ISSN 12269093
Keywords Drainage Flow Characteristics ; Plumbing System ; Drain Performance
Abstract In Korea, plumbing system under slab is the most popular method in drainage system. However, it is difficult to repair drainpipe in the system itself. Therefore, new drainage system to make up for its faults is required. The united plumbing system is better than plumbing system under slab in terms of maintenance, drain performance, and reduction of the cost of construction. The purpose of the study is to find drainage flow characteristics of united plumbing system by measurement of displacement in the test bed. Method of experiment is to compare the united plumbing system to plumbing system under slab to measure drain performance and noise. The result of this study is as follows ; 1) Drain performance of the united plumbing system is better about 21.3% than plumbing system under slab. 2) The best plumbing fixture in terms of drain performance is a washbowl because there is no trap in the washbowl. 3) Drain performance of united plumbing system is same as existing system on the floor drain.