Title A Study on the Embodiment of Prototype for One-way Slab Design based on the ObjectARX applying the Concept of BIM
Authors Bae Jun-Seo ; Cho Young-Sang
Page pp.41-48
ISSN 12269107
Keywords Building Information Modeling ; C++ ; ObjectARX ; AutoCAD ; One-way Slab
Abstract There have been many studies on 3D design program in the field of construction since late 1980's. The problem is that the program doesn't meet the expectation of what it is supposed to be. Structural drawings and design drawings were recognized separately which made it difficult to be revised, and it cost more budget and was time consuming. To resolve these problems, Building Information Modeling(BIM) is being applied in the field of construction recently. BIM makes it possible to design drawings based on 3D so that the shape of structure can be shown in advance which can reduce the errors in a construction site. Also BIM makes it easy to revise drawings, so there is no need to design drawings again which can reduce budget and time. Since the importance of BIM is arising, this study suggests the development of prototype for one-way slab. Using C++ and ObjectARX, the prototype, which is structured in this study, can be executed in AutoCAD. Even though this program can be applied only about one-way slab, it is expected that this study can contribute to the other further studies on prototype modeling program.