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Transactions of the Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering

Transactions of the Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering

ISO Journal Title : Trans. Korean Soc. Noise Vib. Eng.
Free Access Journal Bi-monthly
  • ISSN (Print) : 1598-2785
  • ISSN (Online) : 2287-5476
Transactions history

Journal of KSNVE(Bi-monthly) was launched in August 1991 and the Transactions of the Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering(Trans. Korean Soc. Noise Vib. Eng.) has been published bi-monthly since July 2001 separately from the journal.

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The publication of the journal is supported by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies Grant funded by the Korean Government(MEST)


Heung-sik Kim(President, KSNVE)

Manuscript(Managing) Editor

Don Chool Lee(Vice president, KSNVE)

Research for the Modeling of the Dynamic Analysis for the Planetary Gear Sets under the Torque Fluctuation

Lee, H. K. ; Kim, M. S. ; Hong, S. M. ; Yoo, D. K. ; Kahraman, A. ; Talbot, D.

Study on Dynamic Characteristics of Superconducting Capsule Train

Yoon, R. H. ; You, W. H. ; Lee, J. H. ; Lee, C. Y. ; Lee, K. S.

Study on Fatigue Life Estimation of an Aircraft External Store under Dynamic Loads

Jeong, H. I. ; Park, J. H. ; Son, D. H. ; Jang, J. Y.

Vibration Analysis of Transmission Line with Stockbridge Dampers

Koo, J.-R. ; Song, O.-S.

Review and Perspective on the Researches of Floor Impact Sound

Jeong, J. H.

Study on the Bearing Arrangement of Multi-wire Saw Equipment Using Spring Elements

Park, H. R. ; Lee, J. Y. ; Yim, H. J. ; Jeong, J. I.

A Study on Engine Vibration Measurement of Knock Sensor Using Signal Processing

Kim, Y. H. ; Ko, D. C.

Performance of Multiphysics Model Reduction of Vibro-acoustic Coupled Problem

Kim, S. M. ; Chae, S.-W. ; Park, K. C. ; Kim, J.-G.

Analysis Effects of Perforated Gypsum Board Ceiling Structure for Floor Impact Sound Reduction

Shin, H. K. ; Kim, K. W.

Prediction of Aerodynamic Noise Radiated from a Small Multicopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle using Acoustic Analogy

Lee, H. J. ; Lee, D.-J.

Study on Vibration Reduction of Shear Damping Structure Subjected to Ground Vibration Using the Taguchi Method and Transfer Matrix Method

Jo, C. U. ; Lee, J. W. ; Kim, D.-W. ; Lee, J. Y.

Robust P2/LTR Control for Time Domain Design Specification

Suh, S. M.

Development of Refrigerant-induced Noise Quantitative Indexfor Air Conditioner Indoor Unit

Jeong, U.-C. ; Oh, J.-E.

Design of Variable Magnetic-rheological Elastomer-basedDynamic Vibration Absorber

Jeong, U.-C. ; Oh, J.-E.