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Transactions of the Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering

Transactions of the Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering

ISO Journal Title : Trans. Korean Soc. Noise Vib. Eng.
Free Access Journal Bi-monthly
  • ISSN (Print) : 1598-2785
  • ISSN (Online) : 2287-5476
Transactions history

Journal of KSNVE(Bi-monthly) was launched in August 1991 and the Transactions of the Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering(Trans. Korean Soc. Noise Vib. Eng.) has been published bi-monthly since July 2001 separately from the journal.

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The publication of the journal is supported by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies Grant funded by the Korean Government(MEST)


Heung-sik Kim(President, KSNVE)

Manuscript(Managing) Editor

Don Chool Lee(Vice president, KSNVE)

Vibration and Acoustic Characteristics Depending on Housing Structures of Ultrasonic Sensors

Sang Ok Seon ; Jin Oh Kim

Need for Building Code on Sound Insulation Performance of Entrance Door of Apartment Houses

Min-Woo Kang ; Min-Jeong Song ; Yang-Ki Oh

Study on the Natural Frequency Convergence Characteristics of a Shaft-disk-blade Coupled System

Hyung Hee Kim ; Hong Hee Yoo

Icing Detection Method for Beam Shape Structure Using Flexural Wave Transmission Characteristics

Inki Park ; Junhong Park

Study on Cyclic Loading Conditions for Seismic Performance Evaluation of Domestic Riser Pipe

Sung-Jin Chang ; Bub-Gyu Jeon ; Sung-Wan Kim ; Dae-Gi Hahm

Feature-based Trend Monitoring of Vibration Signals According to Severity of Gear Tooth Breakage

Deok-Yeong Cheong ; Byung-Hyeon Ahn ; Dong-Hee Park ; Hyeon-Jung Kim ; Byeong-Keun Choi

Study on Improvement of Floor Impact Sound Insulation Performance in Repairing Floor Layers of Aged Apartment

Sin-Tae Kim ; Hyun-Min Cho ; Myung-Jun Kim

Study on Three-point Support Balancing using Real Scale Test Rotor

Seong-Hun Park ; Min-Ah Son ; Dong-Hee Park ; Beyong-Keun Choi

Design of Sky-ground Hook Controller for MR Damper of Aircraft Landing Gear

Byung-Hyuk Kang ; Chulhee Han ; Seung-Bok Choi

Reduction of Tire Cavity Noise in Luxury Cars

Chulwoo Jung ; Jae Kap Joo ; Hyeon Seok Kim ; Hun Park

Transient Torsional Vibration Analysis of Marine Propulsion Shafting System Passing through Barred Speed Range

Hyoseong Lee ; Dojoong Kim ; Okhyun Kang

Design of Acoustic Metamaterial to Improve Sound Insulation Performance of a Holey Rigid Plate

Min Ho Kim ; Jin Woo Lee

Application of Highly Accurate Eigenvalue Analysis of Arbitrarily Shaped Plates Using Series Functions

Sang-Wook Kang

Establishing Procedure of Contribution Analysis on Drum Type Washing Machine Using Transfer Path Analysis

Ok-Dong Lee ; Jae-Eung Oh

Predicting the Modal Frequencies of a Cracked Beam Considering Axial-bending Coupling

Ji-Kang Kang ; Tae-Jeong Lim ; Hyun-Woo Park