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Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute

J Korea Inst. Struct. Maint. Insp.
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Title Probabilistic Service Life Analysis of GGBFS Concrete Exposed to Carbonation Cold Joint and Loading Conditions
Authors 김태훈(Tae-Hoon Kim) ; 권성준(Seung-Jun Kwon)
Page pp.39-46
ISSN 2234-6937
Keywords 탄산화; 내구수명; 콜드 조인트; 확률 변수 Carbonation; Service life; Cold joint; Random variable
Abstract Carbonation is a deterioration which degrades structural and material performance by permitting CO2 and corrosion of embedded steel. Service life evaluation through deterministic method is conventional, however the researches with probabilistic approach on service life considering loading and cold joint effect on carbonation have been performed very limitedly. In this study, probabilistic service life evaluation was carried out through MCS (Monte Carlo Simulation) which adopted random variables such as cover depth, CO2 diffusion coefficient, exterior CO2 concentration, and internal carbonatable materials. Probabilistic service life was derived by changing mean value and COV (Coefficient of variation) from 100 % to 300 % and 0.1 ~ 0.2, respectively. From the analysis, maximum reduction ratio (47.7%) and minimum reduction ratio (11.4%) of service life were obtained in cover depth and diffusion coefficient, respectively. In the loading conditions of 30~60% for compressive and tensile stress, GGBFS concrete was effective to reduce cold joint effect on carbonation. In the tensile condition, service life decreased linearly regardless of material types. Additionally service life rapidly decreased due to micro crack propagation in the all cases when 60% loading was considered in compressive condition.