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Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute

J Korea Inst. Struct. Maint. Insp.
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Title Material Properties of Ultra Rapid Hardening Mortar for Repairing Sewage Treatment Concrete Pipes
Authors 이병재(Byungjae Lee) ; 이선목(Sunmok Lee) ; 방진욱(Jin-wook Bang) ; 김윤용(Yun-yong Kim)
Page pp.57-62
ISSN 2234-6937
Keywords 하수관거; 보수 모르타르; 수중불분리; 초속경; 분리저감제 Sewer pipe; Repair mortar; Anti-washout; Ultra rapid hardening; Segregation reducing agent
Abstract Among the sewage pipes installed in Korea, the length of concrete pipes exceeding 20 years is 66,334 km (42.5%). Deteriorated concrete sewer pipes need to be repaired due to the leakage of internal sewage, which causes problems such as sink holes by expanding the cavity around the pipeline. In this study, we tried to apply anti-washout underwater mortar with ultra rapid hardening cement and segregation reducing agent to sewage pipe repair. As a result of the setting time test, the final set time was delayed by up to 172% by incorporating segregation reducing agent. In the test for measuring the degree of mortar segregation in water, it was measured at pH 12 or less under all mixing conditions. In addition, the suspension amount was measured to be 50 mg / l or less to satisfy the KCI-AD102 standard by incorporating a segregation reducing agent. In terms of the average value of mortar compressive strength, by incorporating segregation reducing agent, the strength of the specimens produced in air was more than 80% of that of the specimens produced in water. Conversely, the bond strengths of the specimens produced in water were measured to be higher than those of the specimens produced in air. Water resistance was evaluated by measuring water absorption and water permeability. Water absorption and water permeability were reduced by 42.6% and 36.6%, respectively, by mixing segregation reducing agent.