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Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute

J Korea Inst. Struct. Maint. Insp.
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Title Study on the Effect of Fineness and Substitution Rate of Natural Zeolites on Chemical Reaction and Physical Properties of Cement Mortar
Authors 윤창복(Chang-Bok Yoon) ; 이한승(Han-Seung Lee)
Page pp.96-103
ISSN 2234-6937
Keywords 천연제올라이트; 분말도; 치환; 활성도 지수; Ca(OH)2 정량분석; 수화생성물 Natural Zeolite; Fineness; Replacement; Activity Factor Ca(OH)2 Quantitative Analysis; Hydration Products.
Abstract As a basic study for the application of natural zeolite as a concrete admixture, the compressive strength, activity factor, Ca(OH)2 quantitative analysis and XRD experiments were investigated. It is thought that SiO2, which is abundant in natural zeolite, affects the strength development by reacting with the hydration product of cement in all specimens in which natural zeolite was added according to powder level and substitution rate. As the substitution rate increases, the compressive strength decreases, which is considered to be due to the decrease in the amount of C3S and C2S minerals in the clinker, which affects the strength expression compared to the cement content of the reference mortar. The XRD crystal structure did not show a significant difference from the reference mortar, and it was confirmed that the Z2-10 (Blaine: 15,600cm² / g) specimen with 10% substitution of natural zeolite was the best among the experimental levels. Substitution amount for use as concrete admixture is 10% substitution is most ideally seen.