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Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute

J Korea Inst. Struct. Maint. Insp.
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Title Limit State Assessment of SCH80 3-inch Steel Pipe Elbows Using Moment-Deformation Angle Relationship
Authors 김성완(Sung-Wan Kim) ; 윤다운(Da-Woon Yun) ; 정진환(Jin-Hwan Cheung) ; 김성도(Seong-Do Kim)
Page pp.122-129
ISSN 2234-6937
Keywords 손상도; 소산에너지; 모멘트-변형각; 강재배관엘보 Damage index; Dissipated energy; Moment-deformation angle; Steel pipe elbow
Abstract To conduct probabilistic seismic fragility analysis for nuclear power plants, it is very important to define the failure modes and criteria that can represent actual serious accidents. The seismic design criteria for piping systems, however, cannot fully reflect serious accidents because they are based on plastic collapse and cannot express leakage, which is the actual limit state. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly define the limit state for reliable probabilistic seismic fragility analysis. Therefore, in this study, the limit state of the SCH80 3-inch steel pipe elbow, the vulnerable part of piping systems, was defined as leakage, and the in-plane cyclic loading test was conducted. Moreover, an attempt was made to quantify the failure criteria for the steel pipe elbow using the damage index, which was based on the dissipated energy that used the moment-deformation angle relationship.