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Title Model Reference Adaptive Control for Multivariable Systems
Authors Hai-Won Yang(Hai-Won Yang)
Page pp.394-403
ISSN 1975-8359
Abstract This paper discusses a model reference adaptive control for a multi-input multi-output continuos system in matrix fraction description. The controller is of Monopoli-Narendra type with a time-varying gain matrix in the parameter adaptation law. The transfer matrix of the given plant with an adjustable controller is made to approach to that of the reference model asymptotically. It is shown that, under some plausible assumptions such as on the knowlidge of an interactor matrix, the algorithm for a single-input single-output system can be appropriately extended to a multi-input multi-output system. The convergence of an adaptation law is estavlished with some stability theory and stability of the overall system is asserted by an analytical investigation.