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IEV 한국어 용어 IEC Electropedia 등재 IEV Korean Terms Registered in IEC Electropedia

황유모(Humor Hwang ); 김정훈( Jung-Hoon Kim ); 문봉희( Bong-Hee Moon ); 손수국( Su-Goog Shon)

This paper describes the process of writing and registering more than 20,000 standardized IEV Korean terms in the IEC Electropedia in February 2018. We have utilized the experience of constructing a total of 90,000 words in electrical, communication, and computer fields in standard dictionary of electrical and electronic terms, dictionary of smart grid and NIKL opendictionary. The Korean version of the Electropedia terms was constructed using the writing instructions provided by IEC TC 1 for Korean terms and the additional writing instructions prepared in compliance with technical terms and abbreviations in the NIKL opendictionary. More than 20,000 Korean terms provided to IEC are utilized as the technical term standard DB of Korea electric and electronic field and the DB for creating standard (draft) in COSD and national and international standard contribution documents of new industry, respectively.

분산형전원의 경제적인 배전계통 접속을 위한 접속선로 선정 방법 A Method for Economically Determining an Interconnection Line of a Distributed Energy Resource in the Distribution Networks

홍성혁(Seong-Hyeok Hong ); 진영규( Young Gyu Jin ); 김승완 ( Seung Wan Kim)

In line with the worldwide effort for reducing greenhouse gases, renewable-based distributed energy resources (DERs) connected to distribution networks have been increasing in Korea. Thus, the utility company of Korea should reinforce the distribution networks as soon as possible to effectively deal with the increased application of DER connection. However, this is a problem related to not only technical solutions but also enormous investment, such that it is necessary to devise an economical way. Therefore, in this study, we focus on the problem of selecting an interconnection line of a DER and propose a method for economically determining one in terms of the present value of investment cost. The analysis results with the proposed method show that, since the selection of an interconnection line depends on the growth rates of loads and generation and on the distance to the line, simply selecting the nearest line according to the current procedure may not be an economic decision. Further, it can be suggested from the results that some amendments to the current procedures might make the investment in the distribution networks more economically efficient from a long-term perspective.

인버터의 직류 고장전류 차단 방법 A DC Fault Current Interruption Method of Inverter

이수형 (Soo Hyoung Lee)

Inverter based electrical devices are used for various applications in power system, such as renewable energy based generation, energy storage system (ESS), static compensator (STATCOM), high voltage direct current transmission (HVDC), etc. All of the inverter based devices can interrupt AC fault current much faster than mechanical AC circuit breakers by opening electronic switches, such as insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) and metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET). By contrast, DC fault current bypasses the electronic switches through anti-parallel diode regardless of the switch states. This paper describes a simple DC fault current interruption topology based on ultrafast disconnectors. The proposed topology can interrupt the DC fault current within at most one cycle. Its performance is verified based on electromagnetic transient (EMT) simulation using power system computer aided design /electromagnetic transients including direct current (PSCADTM/EMTDCTM).

시각동기 오차를 고려한 IEC 61850 기반 중앙집중형 전류차동식 22.9kV 모선보호에 관한 연구 A study on IEC 61850 based Centralized 22.9kV Bus Protection considering Time Synchronization Errors

송명훈(Myeong-Hoon Song ); 이남호( Nam-Ho Lee ); 남순열 ( Soon-Ryul Nam )

Data exchange are important for reliable operation of IEC 61850 based protections in power systems. In this paper, we demonstrate the acquisition of phasor data using GOOSE and SV and bus differential backup protection based on IEC 61850. Particularly, in IEC 61850 based 22.9kV bus differential backup protection, time synchronization errors among IEDs should be compensated because differential current errors due to time synchronization errors can result in mis-operation of the IED. On the other hand, to transmit GOOSE periodically, the statistical calculation model is needed to update data. In this paper, we propose a method for compensating time synchronization errors using Lagrange interpolation with reference voltages measured at each IED. The test result shows that the proposed method can reduce the differential current error significantly

전류원 PWM 정류기 / 인버터를 이용한 새로운 단조용 유도가열 전원장치의 제어회로 설계 Design of Control Circuit of Induction Heating Power Supply for Forging Applications Using Current-Source PWM Rectifier and Inverter

최승수(Seung-Soo Choi ); 고무석( Moo-Seok Goh ); 김인동 ( In-Dong Kim )

The conventional thyristor current source rectifier/inverter-fed parallel resonant circuit widely used for induction heating of forging applications has low power factor and high THD at the input side. Because of these disadvantage the IGBT PWM current source rectifier and inverter has been recently studied as an induction heating power supply topology. Therefore, this paper proposes the design method of power factor controller, the new detecting method of current and voltage for use in system control, and also the technique to follow the resonance voltage of the tank circuit for inverter switching. The proposed techniques are implemented in a 40kVA induction heating power supply and its performances are verified through experiments. It is expected to be used extensively in induction heating power supply systems for forging with wide power range.

침대 링형 구조에서 다단 가속전극 적용에 따른 이온풍 발생 특성 Characteristics of Ion Wind Generation According to Application of Multistage Acceleration Electrodes in a Needle-Ring Type Structure

김철규(Chol-Gyu Kim ); 이헌경( Heon-Gyeong Lee ); 김진규 ( Jin-Gyu Kim )

Recently, studies on ion wind generators using corona discharge are actively being conducted. This is mainly used in cooling of electronics or in ion thrusters using thrust force of ion winds. The existing ion wind generators are only composed of corona electrodes and induction electrodes, so the acceleration region of ions and electrons is very limited. This paper measured the changes in the average speed of ion winds according to changes in the number of acceleration electrodes and the applied voltage by additionally installing acceleration electrodes in addition to corona electrodes and induction electrodes, and verified experimentally that the speed of ion winds can be increased by expanding the acceleration region of ions via multistage application of acceleration electrodes.

가속열화시험을 통한 HVDC 전력기기용 고분자 절연재료의 표면 특성 연구 A Study on the Surface Characteristics of Polymer Insulation Material for HVDC Power Equipment Depending on Accelerated Degradation Test

이헌경(Heon-Gyeong Lee ); 장경민( Kyeong-Min Jang ); 알샤마리 아흐메드 트라이힙 아( Alshammari Ahmed Traiheeb A ); 김진규( Jin-Gyu Kim )

At present, new insulation design techniques in DC environment and research for improvement of insulation performance are needed for research is being conducted to apply the HVDC transmission system. Understanding the change of the surface characteristics of the polymer insulation material is useful for analyzing the mechanism of the insulation material for application to electric power equipment. In the present paper, the surface characteristics of the polymer insulation materials used in HVDC power equipment have been experimentally investigated. Based on the measured activation energy, the accelerated deterioration time was selected and the accelerated deterioration test was conducted. The surface resistivity and the contact angle were measured to understand the surface characteristics of the deteriorated insulation materials and compared with those before the deterioration.

HVDC용, HCR/ATH Composites의 IPT 특성 IPT Characteristics of HCR / ATH Composites for HVDC

박재준 (Jae-Jun Park)

In this paper, we investigated the tracking and erosion properties of HCR / ATH composites using IPT in order to develop insulation materials for HVDC insulators. Samples of two kinds of sample S.A [HCR / ATH_1μm particle (100%)] and S.B [HCR / ATH (fine_1μm_50% + coarse_18μm_50%)] composites were respectively prepared. In accordance with IEC 60587, ± HVDC 4.5k, liquid contaminant velocity of 0.6 ml / min was forced out to perform tracking and erosion tests. The basic physical properties of the samples, namely the mechanical tensile strength (elongation, tensile strength), electrical HVDC positive dielectric breakdown strength and hardness were evaluated. The reason that S.A improves the properties of S.B is that the weakening of the interface due to the size of ATH particles is dominant in the surface degradation tracking and erosion rather than the thermal conductivity enhancement. The effect of polarity also showed much more severe characteristics of the leakage current pulse than the negative polarity. Since the liquid contaminant is forced to flow in large amounts, a sustained conduction current and arc are generated, and an overall increased leakage current is measured over the entire 6 hour period. In the case of positive polarity, the tracking and erosion state from the lower electrode to the upper electrode was shown. In the case of negative polarity, surface discharge occurred at the position of the lower electrode from the beginning to the end. In the evaluation of the thermal conductivity, the density of the HCR / ATH internal structure was high due to the high density of the internal structure, but it could be estimated that the larger the particle size, the weaker the interface

위상 배열 안테나를 이용한 호흡 위치 탐지 시스템 Detection System of Human Respiration Position using Phased Array Antenna

김찬우(Chanwoo Kim ); 박순우( Soonwoo Park ); 한희제( Heeje Han ); 배재민( Jaemin Bae ); 김홍준 ( Hongjoon Kim)

In this paper, we demonstrate a Doppler radar system with a phased array antenna and run an experiment to find the position of a target by detecting the respiration signal of a human being. The system consists of a 2×4 phased array antenna (PAA) and several passive RF circuits such as a power divider, a circulator and a mixer. For the PAA, left-handed transmission line (LHTL) based phased shifters are used. Three different places which are 3m away with ?20°, 0°, +20° angle point from the front side of the PAA are set for the experiment. The results show that it is possible to detect the position of the respiration by changing the main beam angle of the PAA.

이종 에너지 종합관리를 통한 에너지 절감 극대화 방안 Maximization of Energy Saving through the Integrated Management of Different Energy Resources

최태일(Tae-Il Choi)

Energy Management System (EMS) is a system of tools used to monitor, control and optimize the generation, delivery and/or consumption of energy. An inTegrated Energy Management System (TEMS) had been developed to manage electricity, heat, gas and water, and installed to testify the performance of energy efficiency. Test results proved the successful energy saving effect and tried to apply to a university focusing on the economic point of view. After showing considerable amount of energy saving than expected, TEMS will be expected to expand to other universities, factories and buildings, contributing to the reduction of CO₂ emission.

임피던스 변화를 이용한 압력분포 측정 시스템에 관한 기초 연구 A Basic Study on Pressure Distribution Measurement System Using Impedance Variation

이재원(Jae-Won Lee ); 민지홍( Ji-Hong Min ); 김경호( Kyung-Ho Kim)

Spinal disease rate has been recently rising since people more likely are in sitting posture. If the spine is bent for a long time in an unstable position, the risk of getting spinal disorders can be increased by kyphoscoliosisc, scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis. To diagnose your spinal conditions, you must visit specialized medical institutions, which force you to spend extra time and money. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent diseases through posture screening in daily life. In this study, the amount of impedance variation formed during sitting is measured with a conductive fiber sensor. The conductive fiber sensor consists of a matrix structure consisting of 36 nodes of 6x6 using conductive fiber, Copper tape and OHP-Film. In order to know the impedance characteristics of the sensor, check the change in the figure for a given pressure at each node and conduct pressure distribution research when sitting down. Pressure distribution plots are illustrated with intuitive interpretation through color changes. These systems determine the degree of waist distortion during user’s sitting, and research is conducted to prevent postural instability, which is the cause of spinal cord disease.

낙뢰 시 대규모 태양광발전소의 개별접지 및 통합접지에 따른 낙뢰 유도 과전압 비교 분석 An Analysis and comparison of Lightning Induced Overvoltage According to Isolation and Common Grounding System of Large-Scale Photovoltaic Power Plant in Lightning Strikes

이창욱(Chang-Uk Lee ); 김재철( Jae-Chul Kim )

Photovoltaic Power Plant(PV plant) facilities are attracting the most attention among new and renewable energy power plants, and they have been steadily are growing not only in Korea but also in the world. As the demand for PV Plant installation is continuously increasing, damages to the PV Plant are also increasing due to the lightning induced overvoltage caused by the lightning stroke. In this paper, the maximum lightning induction overvoltages at the critical facility for the Large-Scale PV Plant, (such as transformer, inverter, connection panel and distribution panel) in lightning strikes are compared by grounding systems (Isolation Grounding/Common Grounding) and composition of critical facilities (one critical facility, two critical facility) with simulation utilizing CDEGS.

사물인터넷 기반 장력조정장치 상태 모니터링 시스템 구현 An Implement of Condition Monitoring System for a Tensioning Device based on IoT in Electric Railway

이기원(Kiwon Lee ); 나경민( Kyung-Min Na ); 박영( Young Park ); 조호령( Ho-Ryung Cho )

The contact wire made of copper or copper alloy is installed to keep a good current collection performance between a pantograph and catenary system. The tensioning device installed in a contact and messenger wire is required to have high reliability as a major component of the feeding facility which keeps constant tension of the wires regardless of temperature changes. The maintenance of the tensioning device is generally performed by the man power. In this paper, we propose a condition monitoring system for a spring tension device using sensor network and communication based on Internet of Thing. The proposed monitoring system is composed of a structure integrated with tensioning device by applying an ultrasonic sensor with minimum power consumption and communication device. It was able to monitor the dynamic state of the tensioning device according to temperature change n real time through the displacement of ultrasonic sensor.

고속철도차량의 이상전압 저감을 위한 절연협조에 관한 연구 A Study on the Insulation Coordination for Abnormal Voltage Reduction in High-Speed Train

최종록(Jong-Rok Choi ); 권호준( Ho-Jun Kweon ); 김상현( Sang-Hyeon Kim ); 김재문( Jae-Moon Kim )

Frequent input and interception of the main circuit breaker(MCB) has caused various abnormal voltages in the main transformer and power conversion system of a Korean high-speed train called KTX-Sancheon. Although there are some precedencies about surge arresters, related to the relationship between incorporating insulation to surge arresters and the electric power quality of the industrial lines within systems of the electric railway, and the efficient power supply system configuration of the railroad dispatching divisions, there are no previous research on insulation cooperation to the EMU. Therefore, in this paper, the mutual insulation cooperative relationship is studied as a method of eliminating the transient phenomena of the abnormal voltage generated in the feed and receiving parts of railway vehicles by investigating of the operation characteristics of surge arresters and spark gap(SG) applied to Korean high-speed railway vehicles (KTX-Sancheon).