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Title Automatic Three Dimensional Mesh Generation using Delaunay's Triangulation
Authors 김형석 ; 정현교 ; 이기식 ; 한송엽
Page pp.847-853
ISSN 1975-8359
Abstract A method of three-demensional finite element mesh generation is presented in this paper. This method is based on the Delaunay's triangulation whose dual is Voronoi's diagram. A set of points is given on the boundary surface of the concerning domain and the initial tetrahedra are generated by the given set of points. Then, the quality of every tetrahedron is investigated and the interior points are generated near the tetrahedra which are inferior in quality and the tetrahedra of good quality can be controlled by the density of the initial boundary points. Regions with different material constant can be refined in tetrahedra respectively. To confirm the effectiveness of this algorithm,the total volume of tetrahedra was compared to the true volume and this mesh generator was applied to a three-dimensional electostatic problem.