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Title Design of Digital Position Controller for DC Motors Using Variable Structure Control System
Authors 박귀태 ; 송명현 ; 강대린
Page pp.228-236
ISSN 1975-8359
Abstract The theroy of variable structure control system (VSS) is applied to the position control for DC servo-motors. In order to use the microcomputer as a control device, the principles of VSS for the continuous-time system are extended to the discrete-time system. A new switching law is proposed to achieve the reduction of chattering. It adds a new switching structure to the conventional switching sturctures. This switching region is set near and including the conventional switching curve. The new algorithm is obtained for single-input second order system, and applied to the position control of a DC servo-motor. Experimental results show that the transient behavior is improved due to the reduction of chattering and good robustness properties are demonstrated.