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Title A Kinematic Design of the Leg of the Walking Machine
Authors 윤용산 ; 홍형주
Page pp.1007-1013
ISSN 1975-8359
Abstract This paper describes the procedure of kinmatic design of a quadruped walking machine which has better mobility and higher energy efficiency than the wheeled or tracked vehicles on the rough terrain. Specifically, this paper puts much emphasis on the procedure and its rationality of the design of the leg which is the key mechanical element of the walking robot. And it shows the appropriateness of the selected mechanism and the design method through the walking experiment of the prototype machine built upon the resulted design. The pantograph mechanisms are proved to be acceptable as the leg of the walking machine from the experiment even though it is indicated that the walking speed and the body deflection should be improved further. This paper also describes the problems of the realization of the gait the frictional effects along with their causes in the walking experiment.