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Title A Study on DC Thermal Plasma Generation and ist Characteristics
Authors 김원규 ; 황기웅
Page pp.1219-1226
ISSN 1975-8359
Abstract This paper is to report the results on the design and construction of a thermal plasma generator with high current DC source. Also, this paper presents the methods to stabilize plasma and to find effects of process variables on plasma characteristics. For this purpose, the reaction chamber, vacuum system, plasma generating torch, magnetic field generating coil with power supply, high current DC source and the other parts have been designed. Fundamental properties of the thermal plasma under various conditions have been measured and analyzed. Magnetic Reynolds Number has been introduced to explain the relationship between plasma and external magnetic field. Through this number, the effect of magnetic field on the plasma has been explained under various flow rates and pressure. A sudden increase in the plasma voltage has been observed with the increase of magnetic field. From this, fundamental changes in plasma flow are believed to occur at the nozzle, and an effort to explain the phenomenon has been tried.