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Title An Expert System for Short-Term Generation Scheduling of Electric Power Systems
Authors Yu, In-Keun(Yu, In-Keun)
Page pp.831-840
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 발전계획 ; 전문가시스템 ; 동적계획법 ; 규칙베이스시스템 Generation Scheduling ; Expert System ; Dynamic Programming ; Rule-based System
Abstract This paper presents an efficient short-term generation scheduling method using a rule-based expert/consulting system approach to assist electric energy system operators and planners. The expert system approach is applied to improve the Dynamic Programming(DP) based generation scheduling algorithm. In the selection procedure of the feasible combinations of generating units at each stage, automatic consulting on the manipulation of several constraints such as the minimum up time, the minimum down time and the maximum running time constraints of generating units will be performed by the expert/consulting system. In order to maximize the solution feasibility, the aforementioned constraints are controlled by a rule-based expert system, that is, instead of imposing penalty cost to those constraint violated combinations, which sometimes may become the very reason of no existing solution, several constraints will be manipulated within their flexibilities using the rules and facts that are established by domain experts. In this paper, for the purpose of implementing the consulting of several constraints during the dynamic process of generation scheduling, an expert system named STGSCS is developed. As a building tool of the expert system, C Language Integrated Production System(CLIPS) is used. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithm has been demonstrated by applying it to a model electric energy system.