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Title Analysis of the Factors Affecting Low-Frequency Oscillations in KEPCO Power System` With Pumped-Storage Plant
Authors Kil Yeong Song(Kil Yeong Song) ; Sae Hyuk Kwon(Sae Hyuk Kwon) ; Kyu Min Ro(Kyu Min Ro) ; Seok Ha Song(Seok Ha Song)
Page pp.841-849
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 미소신호 안정도 ; 저주파 진동 Small signal Stability ; Low-frequency Oscillation
Abstract In power system operation, the stability of synchronous machine has been recognized one of the most important things. AESOPS program developed by EPRI in U.S.A. is a frequency domain analysis program in power system stability and it computes the electro-mechanical oscillation mode. This paper presents how to analyze the power system small signal stability problem efficiently by uusing the AESOPS program and analyze the various factors affecting the damping characteristics of these oscillations in KEPCO power system of 1986 with pumped-storage plant. To reduce the computing time and efforts, selecting the poorly-damped oscillation mode and clustering technique have been used. The characteristics of load, the amount of power flow on the transmission line and the gain of exciter have a significant effects on the damping of the system while the governing system has only a minor one. With the Power System Stabilizers, the stability of the power system has been improved.