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Title A Study on the Properties of TiN/{TiSi}_{2} Bilayer by a Rapid Thermal Anneal in {NH}_{3} Ambient
Authors 이철진 ; 성영권
Page pp.869-874
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords TiN/{TiSi}_{2} bilayer ; RTA in {NH}_{3} ambient ; TiN/{TiSi}_{2} Competitive reaction ; TiN/{TiSi}_{2} composition ; TiN/{TiSi}_{2} structure
Abstract The physical and electrical properties of TiN/TiSiS12T bilayer were studied. The TiN/TiSiS12T bilayer was formed by rapid thermal anneal in NHS13T ambient after the Ti film was deposited on silicon substrate. The Ti film reacts with NHS13T gas to make a TiN layer at the surface and reacts with silicon to make a TiSiS12T layer at the interface respectively. It was found that the formation of TiN/TiSiS12T bilayer depends on RTA temperature. In this experiment, competitive reaction for TiN/TiSiS12T bilayer occured above 600°C. Ti-rich TiNS1xT layer and Ti-rich TiSiS1xT layer and Ti-rich TiSiS1xT layer were formed at 600°C. stable structure TiN layer TiSiS12T layer which has CS149T phase and CS154T phase were formed at 700°C. Both stable TiN layer and CS154T phase TiSiS12T layer were formed at 800°C. The thickness of TiN/TiSiS12T bilayer was increased as the thickness of deposited Ti film increased.