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Title The Design of Variable Structure Controller for the System in Phase Canonical Form with Incomplete State Measurements
Authors 박귀태 ; 최중경
Page pp.902-913
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 슬라이딩 모드 ; 가변구조 제어 ; 위상 표준형 ; 감소 차수 스위칭 함수 Sliding Mode ; Variable Structure Control ; Phase Canonical Form ; Reduced-order Switching Function
Abstract There have been several control schemes for the single input systems with unmeasurable state variables using variable structure control(VSC) theory. In the previous VSC, the systems must be represented in phase canonical form and the complete measurements for each state variable must be assumed. In order to eliminate these restrictions several VSC methods were proposed. And especially for the systems in phase canonical form with unmeasurable state variables, the reduced order switching function algorithm was proposed. But this method has many drawbacks and can not be used in the case of general form (not phase canonical form) dynamic system. Therefore this paper propose new construction method of switching fuction for the systems in phase canonical form, which reduce the restriction of reduced order switching function algorithm. And this algorithm can be realized for any state representation and adopted in the systems where not all states are available for switching function synthesis or control.