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Title A Design of Adaptive Equalizer using the Walsh-Block Pulse Functions and the Optimal LMS Algorithms
Authors 안두수 ; 김종부
Page pp.914-921
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 적응 동화기 ; 횡단형 필터 ; 수렴 인자 ; 적응 앨고리즘 ; 최적화법 ; 윌쉬 회로망 Adaptive Equalizer ; Transversal filter ; Convergence factor ; Adaptation Algorithms ; Optimal Method ; Walsh Network
Abstract In this paper, we introduce a Walsh network and an LMS algorithm, and show how these can be realized as an adaptive equalizer. The Walsh network is built from a set of Walsh and Block pulse functions. In the LMS algorithm, the convergence factor is an important design parameter because it governs stability and convergence speed, which depend on the proper choice of the convergence facotr. The conventional adaptation techniques use a fixed time constant convergence factor by the method of trial and error. In this paper, we propose an optimal method in the choice of the convergence factor. The proposed algorithm depends on the received signal and the output of the Walsh network in real time.