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Title A Fuzzy Logic Based Bin-Picking Technique
Authors 김태원 ; 서일홍
Page pp.938-946
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 퍼지논리 ; 소속함수 bin-picking ; matched filter ; holdsite ; fuzzy logics ; membership function
Abstract A novel 2-dimensional matched filter of the parallel-jaw type using fuzzy logic is proposed for bin picking. Specifically, the averaged pixel intensity of the windowed region for the filtering is considered to be fuzzy. Also membership functions for darkness and brightness are designed by employing the intensity histogram of the image. Then a rule is given to know how much a windowed region can be a possible holdsite. Furthermore eight rules are made to determine the part orientation, where Mamdani's reasoning method is applied. The proposed technique shows better performances than that of the conventional matched filtering technique in the following senses` 1) most of holdsites determined by the proposed technique are not concentrated at the locations nearly the end of part and 2) our filter is rather insensitive to noises than the conventional method. To show the validities of our proposed technique, some experimental results are illustrated and compared with the results by conventional matched filter technique.