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Title An Expert System for Fault Restoration using Tree Search Strategies in Distribution System
Authors 김세호 ; 최병윤 ; 문영현
Page pp.363-371
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Expert Systerm ; Binary Tree ; Tree Structure ; Best-first Search ; Fault Restoration ; Distribution Systerm
Abstract This thesis investigates an expert system(ES) to propose fault restoration plan by utilizing tree search strategies. In order to cope with an extensive amount of data and frequent breaker switching operations in distribution systems, the database of system configuration is constructed by using binary trees. This remarkably enhances the efficiency of search algorithm and makes the proposed ES easily adaptable to system changes due to switching operations. The rule-base is established to fully utilize the meris of tree-structured database. The inferring strategy is developed mainly based on the best-first search algorithm to increase computation efficiency. The proposed ES has been implemented to efficiently deal with large distribution systems by reducing computational burden remarkably compared with the conventional ES's