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Title A Calculation of C-V Characteristics for {Hg}_{1-x}{Cd}_{x}Te MIS Device
Authors 이상돈 ; 김봉흡 ; 강형부
Page pp.420-431
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords {Hg}_{1-x}{Cd}_{x}Te ; Capacitance Voltage Characteristics ; Degeneracy
Abstract The HgCdTe material, which is II-VI compound semiconductor, is important materials for the fabrication of the infrared detectros. To suggest the model of accurate MIS C-V calculation for narrow band gap semiconductors such as HgCdTe, non-parabolicity from k.p theory and degeneracy effect are considered. And partially ionized effect and compensation effect which are material's properties are also considerd. Especially, degenerated material C-V characteristics from Fermi-Dirac statistics and exact charge theory are presented to get more accurate analysis of the experimental results. Also the comparison with calculation results between the general MIS theory from Boltzmann appoximation method and this model which is considered the narrow band gap semiconductor properties, show that this model is more useful theory to determination of accurate low and high frequency C-V characteristics.