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Title Test Generation of Sequential Circuits Using A Partial Scan Based on Conversion to Pseudo-Combinational Circuits
Authors Min, Hyoung-Bok(Min, Hyoung-Bok)
Page pp.504-514
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 시험 ; 자동 테스트 생성 ; 부분 스캔 ; 의사 조합 회로 Test ; Automatic Test Pattern Generation ; Partial Scan ; Pseudo-Combinational Circuits
Abstract Combinational automatic test pattern generators (CATPG) have already been commercialized because their algorithms are well known and practical, while sequential automatic test pattern generators(SATPG) have been regarded as impractical because they are computationally complex. A technique to use CATPG instead of SATPG for test generation of sequential circuits is proposed. Redesign of seauential circuits such as Level Sensitive Scan Design (LSSD) is inevitable to use CATPG. Various partial scan techniques has been proposed to avoid full scan such as LSSD. It ha sbeen reported that SATPG is required to use partial scan techniques. We propose a technique to use CATPG for a new partial scan technique, and propose a new CATPG algorithm for the partially scanned circuits. The partial scan technique can be another choice of design for testability because it is computationally advantageous.