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Title A Study on the computation of currents in the three-level PWM inverter
Authors 김광섭 ; 서범석 ; 현동석
Page pp.341-351
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Three-level PWM Inverter ; Average and RMS Currents ; Load Power Factor ; PWM Modulation Index(Ma)
Abstract The values for the average and rms currents in a three-level PWM inverter are required in order to select the various components such as power semiconductor devices, capacitors and reactors of inverter circuit. And those are very useful for the designing of the heat sink. In this paper, therefore, the simple current equations are proposed for a three-level PWM inverter. Analysis of inverter current waveforms indicate that the average and rms inverter currents are dependent on the load power factor and PWM modulation index (Ma). Error analysis and experiment results verify the effectiveness of the proposed current equations. (author). refs., figs., tabs.