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Title Optimal current angle control method of interior permanent magnet Synchronous Motors
Authors 김명찬 ; 김종구 ; 홍순찬
Page pp.352-357
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords IPMSM ; Current angle ; Voltage limit ; Current limit ; Maximum torque per ampere ; Field weakening
Abstract Recently, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor(PMSM) drives are widely used for industrial applications due to its high efficiency and high power factor control strategy. PMSM generally have two classifications such as the SPMSM(Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors) and IPMSM(Inter Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors). IPMSA has economical merits over SPMSM in higher speed range, mechanical robustness, and higher power rate by the geometric difference. The maximum torque operation in IPMSM is realized by the current angle control which is to utilize additional reluctance torque due to a rotor saliency. In traction, spindle and compressor drives, constant power operation with higher speed range are desirable. This is simply achieved in the DC motor drives by the reduction of the field current as the speed is increased. However, in the PMSM, direct control of the magnet flux is not available. The airgap flux can be weakened by the appropriate current angle control to demagnetize. In this paper, the control method of optimal current vector in IPMSM is described in order to obtain the maximum torque or maximum output with the speed and load variations. The applied algorithm is realized by the proto system with torque and speed control Experimental results show this approach is satisfied for the high performance servo applications. (author). 6 refs., 9 figs., 1 tab.