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Title Load Frequency Control of Multi-area Power System using Auto-tuning Neuro-Fuzzy Controller
Authors 정형환(Jeong, Hyeong-Hwan) ; 김상효(Kim, Sang-Hyo) ; 주석민(Ju, Seok-Min) ; 허동렬(Heo, Dong-Ryeol) ; 이권순(Lee, Gwon-Sun)
Page pp.95-106
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Load frequency control ; Fuzzy control ; Multi-layer neural network ; Steepest gradient method ; Error back propagation algorithm ; Neuro-fuzzy control
Abstract The load frequency control of power system is one of important subjects in view of system operation and control. That is even though the rapid load disturbances were applied to the given power system, the stable and reliable power should be supplied to the users, converging unconditionally and rapidly the frequency deviations and the tie-line power flow one on each area into allowable boundary limits. Nonetheless of such needs, if the internal parameter perturbation and the sudden load variation were given, the unstable phenomenal of power system can be often brought out because of the large frequency deviation and the unsuppressible power line one. Therefore, it is desirable to design the robust neuro-fuzzy controller which can stabilize effectively the given power system as soon as possible. In this paper the robust neuro-fuzzy controller was proposed and applied to control of load frequency over multi-area power system. The architecture and algorithm of a designed NFC(Neuro-Fuzzy Controller) were consist of fuzzy controller and neural network for auto tuning of fuzzy controller. The adaptively learned antecedent and consequent parameters of membership functions in fuzzy controller were acquired from the steepest gradient method for error-back propagation algorithm. The performances of the resultant NFC, that is, the steady-state deviations of frequency and tie-line power flow and the related dynamics, were investigated and analyzed in detail by being applied to the load frequency control of multi-area power system, when the perturbations of predetermined internal parameters. Through the simulation results tried variously in this paper for disturbances of internal parameters and external stepwise load stepwise load changes, the superiorities of the proposed NFC in robustness and adaptive rapidity to the conventional controllers were proved.