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Title A study on Fault Diagnosis in Power systems Using Probabilistic Neural Network
Authors 이화석(Lee, Hwa-Seok) ; 김정택(Kim, Chung-Tek) ; 문경준(Mun, Kyeong-Jun) ; 이경홍(Lee, Kyung-Hong) ; 박준호(Park, June-Ho)
Page pp.53-57
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Probabilistic Neural Network ; Multiple Alarm Processing ; Fault Diagnosis
Abstract This paper presents the new methods of fault diagnosis through multiple alarm processing of protective relays and circuit breakers in power systems using probabilistic neural networks. In this paper, fault section detection neural network (FSDNN) for fault diagnosis is designed using the alarm information of relays or circuit breakers. In contrast to conventional methods, the proposed FSDNN determines the fault section directly and fast. To show the possibility of the proposed method, it is simulated through simulation panel for Sinyangsan substation system in KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation) and the case studies show the effectiveness of the probabilistic neural network mehtod for the fault diagnosis.