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Title An Adaptive Genetic Algorithm Based Optimal Feeder Routing for Distribution System Planning
Authors 김병섭(Kim, Byung-Seop) ; 김민수(Kim, Min-Soo) ; 신중린(Shin, Joong-rin)
Page pp.58-66
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Distribution System Planning ; Opimal Feeder Routing ; Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Abstract This paper presents an application of a newly designed Adaptive Genetic Algorithm (AGA) to solve the Optimal Feeder Routing (OFR) problem for distribution system planning. The main objective of the OFR problem usually is to minimize the total cost that is the sum of investment costs and system operation costs. We propose a properly designed AGA, in this paper, which can handle the horizon-year expansion planning problem of power distribution network in which the location of substation candidates, the location and amount of forecasted demands are given. In the proposed AGA, we applied adaptive operators using specially designed adaptive probabilities. we also a Simplified Load Flow (SLF) technique for radial networks to improve a searching efficiency of AGA. The proposed algorithm has been evaluated with the practical 32, 69 bus test system to show favorable performance. It is also shown that the proposed method for the OFR can also be used for the network reconfiguration problem in distribution system.