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Title Improved Service Restoration technique by Using Dijkstra Algorithm in Distribution Systems
Authors 김낙경(Kim, Nark-Kyung) ; 김재철(Kim, Jae-Chul) ; 전영재(Jeon, Young-Jae) ; 김훈(Kim, Hoon)
Page pp.67-75
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Service Restoration ; Distribution Systems ; Dijkstra Algorithm ; Fuzzy Theory ; Priority Restoration Area
Abstract This paper presents a fast and effective methodology for service restoration in large-scale distribution systems. The service restoration problem is formulated as a constrained optimization problem and requires the fast computation time and superior solution because the more unfaulted out-of-service area should be restored as soon as possible. The proposed methodology is designed to consider the fast computation time and priority service restoration by dijkstra algorithm and fuzzy theory in large-scale distribution systems. Simulation results demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of the proposed on a 26-bus and 140-bus system.