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Title Development of a Mixed Chaotic Electric Arc Furnace Model
Authors 장길수(Jang, Gil-Soo) ; Wang, Weiguo(Wang, Weiguo) ; 이병준(Lee, Byongjun) ; 권세혁(Kwon, Sae-Hyuk)
Page pp.90-95
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Chaos ; Electric Arc Furnace ; Lorenz System ; Logistic System ; Power Quality
Abstract Electric arc furnaces (EAFs) has a process to cause the degradation of the electric power quality such as voltage flicker. In order to adequately understand and analyze the effects on the power system from these loads, obtaining an accurate representation of the characteristics of the loads is crucial. In this paper, a mixed chaotic EAF model to represent the low frequency and high frequency variations of the arc current respectively has been proposed. The Lorenz system may contribute to the low frequency components of arc current and the logistic equation may contribute to the high frequency components, and the proposed mixed model will be a combination of both Lorenz and logistic model. The concept of chaotic parameters, such as chaotic resistance, inductance of admittance has been also proposed for the characterization of arc furnace operation and the highly nonlinear physical processes. The power quality indices are calculated from the simulated waveforms and compared with the actual power quality indices statistics in order to illustrate the model's capabilities.