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Title Grouping Method of Loads to Verify the Aggregation of Component Load Models
Authors 지평식(Ji, Pyeong-Shik) ; 이종필(Lee, Jong-Pil) ; 임재윤(Lim, Jae-Yoon)
Page pp.172-179
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Component load model ; Component load grouping ; KSOM
Abstract A component based method out of load modeling is to aggregate component load model according to the composition rate of each component load at load bus based on the circuit theory. But the most of component loads respond complex nonlinear characteristics respect to voltage and frequency variation due to the control techniques and semiconductor elements applied to component load. It needs to verify this approach through actual experiment of the aggregation of component load even if it can be down. To identify this aggregation method well known, this paper is proposed the classifying method of component load characteristics for component loads to group by quantitative analysis. The component load characteristics were divided into several types by KSOM (kohonen self organizing map), which can classify multi-dimension vector, component load pattern, into two-dimension vector. Some ambiguous cases happened from KSOM were classified by the proposed closing degree.