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Title State Estimation in Subway Power Systems
Authors 류헌수(Ryu, Heon-Su) ; 하운관(Ha, Un-Gwan) ; 문영현(Mun, Yeong-Hyeon)
Page pp.29-36
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords subway power system ; state estimation ; noises in transmitted data ; accuracy
Abstract It is required that the current state of system should be Precisely monitored for efficient and safe operation of the subway power system and it is an important Problem to secure the high quality data for state estimation. The current state of subway power system is estimated by using data transmitted to control center from every measuring instrument. The high accuracy and trust can be maintained if the measured data have a high quality. But it is difficult to estimate the accurate state of system because of the noises in transmitted data and the inaccuracy of measuring instruments. So the object is to reduce the difference between the real values and the measured values in order to improve considerably the inaccuracy due to Instrumental errors and transmission noises using the state estimation method. In this paper, we proposes a new state estimation to estimate the accurate state of the subway power system from the measured values of a Sang-In station in Daegu subway and consider the possibility of application to the real subway power system. on the basis of that. The simulation results show to make sure of the possibility to apply to the real system usefully.