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Title A Dynamic Rating System for Power Cables (I) - Real Time CTM(Conductor Temperature Monitoring)
Authors 남석현 ; 이수길 ; 홍진영 ; 김정년 ; 정성환
Page pp.414-420
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Dynamic Rating ; Underground Cable ; Ampacity
Abstract The domestic needs for larger capability of power sources are increasing to cope with the expanding power load which results from the industrial developments & the progressed life style. In summer, the peak load is mainly due to the non-industrial reasons such as air-conditioners and other cooling equipments. To cover the concentrated peak load in stable, the power transmission lines should be more constructed and efficiently operated. The ampacity design of the underground cable system is generally following international standards such as IEC287, IEC60853 and JCS168 which regards the shape of 100% daily full power loads. It is not so efficient to neglect the real shapes of load curves generally below 60~70% of full load. The dynamic (real time) rating system tends to be used with the measured thermal parameters which make it possible to calculate the maximum ampacity within required periods. In this paper, the CTM(Conductor Temperature Monitoring) which is the base of dynamic rating systems for tunnel environment is proposed by a design of lumped thermal network (π-type thermal model) and distribution temperature sensor attached configuration, including the estimation results of its performances by load cycle test on 345kV single phase XLPE cable.