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Title Development of An Expert system with Knowledge Learning Capability for Service Restoration of Automated Distribution Substation
Authors 고윤석(Ko Yun-Seok) ; 강태규(Kang Tae-Gue)
Page pp.637-644
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Substation Automation ; Bus Reconfiguration ; Knowledge Learning ; Pattern Recognition Expert System
Abstract This paper proposes an expert system with the knowledge learning capability which can enhance the safety and effectiveness of substation operation in the automated substation as well as existing substation by inferring multiple events such as main transformer fault, busbar fault and main transformer work schedule under multiple inference mode and multiple objective mode and by considering totally the switch status and the main transformer operating constraints. Especially inference mode includes the local minimum tree search method and pattern recognition method to enhance the performance of real-time bus reconfiguration strategy. The inference engine of the expert system consists of intuitive inferencing part and logical inferencing part. The intuitive inferencing part offers the control strategy corresponding to the event which is most similar to the real event by searching based on a minimum distance classification method of pattern recognition methods. On the other hand, logical inferencing part makes real-time control strategy using real-time mode(best-first search method) when the intuitive inferencing is failed. Also, it builds up a knowledge base or appends a new knowledge to the knowledge base using pattern learning function. The expert system has main transformer fault, main transformer maintenance work and bus fault processing function. It is implemented as computer language, Visual C++ which has a dynamic programming function for implementing of inference engine and a MFC function for implementing of MMI. Finally, it's accuracy and effectiveness is proved by several event simulation works for a typical substation.