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Title Design of a Fixed-Structure H_∞ Power System Stabilizer
Authors 김석주(Kim Seog-Joo) ; 이종무(Lee Jong-Moo) ; 권순만(Kwon Soonman) ; 문영현(Moon Young-Hyun)
Page pp.655-660
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Power System Stabilizer (PSS) ; Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) ; Penalty Method ; Rank Condition
Abstract This paper deals with the design of a fixed-structure H_∞ power system stabilizer (PSS) by using an iterative linear matrix inequality (LMI) method. The fixed-structure H_∞ controller is represented in terms of LMIs with a rank condition. To solve the non-convex rank-constrained LMI problem, a linear penalty function is incorporated into the objective function so that minimizing the penalized objective function subject to LMIs amounts to a convex optimization problem. With an increasing sequence of the penalty parameter, the solution of the penalized optimization problem moves towards the feasible region of the original non-convex problem. The proposed algorithm is, therefore, convergent. Numerical experiments show the practical applicability of the proposed algorithm.