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Title Feasibility Study on the Application of 154kV HTS-FCL in Korean Power System
Authors 이승렬(Lee Seung Ryul) ; 김종율(Kim Jong-Yul) ; 최흥관(Choi Heung-Kwan) ; 윤재영(Yoon Jae Young)
Page pp.661-669
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 초전도한류기 ; 고장전류 154kV Power System ; Bus-Tie
Abstract As the load density of KEPCO system is higher, the fault current can be much higher than SCC(Short Circuit Capacity) of circuit breaker. Fault current exceeding the rating of circuit breaker is a very serious problem in high density load area, which can threaten the stability of whole power system. Even though there are several alternatives to reduce fault current, as the superconductivity technology has been developed, the HTS-FCL (High Temperature Superconductivity Fault Current Limiter) can be one of the attractive alternatives to solve the fault current problem. This study presents the application plication of 154kV HTS-FCL in Korean power system.