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Title A Study on the Estimating Locations of Faults on Distribution Power Systems
Authors 김미영(Kim Mi-Young) ; 오용택(Oh Yong-Taek) ; 노대석(Rho Dae-Seok)
Page pp.670-677
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Distribution Systems ; Location of faults ; Load Taps ; Load Modelling
Abstract The Conventional approach for estimating the locations of transmission line shunt faults has been to measure the apparent impedance to the fault from a line terminal and to convert the reactive component of the impedance to line length. But, these methods do not adequately address the problems associated with the fault location on distribution systems. This thesis presents a technique that estimates the location of shunt fault on a radial distribution system that has several single and multiphase laterals. Tapped loads and non-homogenity of the distribution system are take into account. The developed technique, which can handle shunt faults was tested to evaluate its suitability. Results from computer simulation of faults on a model of a 25KV distribution lines like real system are presented. The results approved that the proposed technique works well for estimating the locations of the distribution line shunt faults.