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Title Quantitative Evaluation of the Impact of Low-Voltage Loads Due to the Successive Voltage Sags
Authors 문종필(Moon Jong-Fil) ; 김재철(Kim Jae-Chul) ; 윤상윤(Yun Sang-Yun) ; 강봉석(Kang Bong-Seok)
Page pp.678-684
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Successive Voltage Sags ; Automatic Reclosing ; Power Quality ; Power Acceptability Curve
Abstract Automatic reclosing is a typical protection method in power distribution systems for clearing the temporary faults. However, it has a fatal weakness in regards to voltage sags because it produces successive voltage sags. In this paper, we explored successive impact of voltage sag due to the automatic reclosing of power distribution systems. The actual tests of low voltage loads were accomplished for obtaining the susceptibility of voltage sags. The final results of the test yielded power acceptability curves of voltage sag, and the curves were transformed the 3-dimensional CBEMA(Computer Business Equipment Manufacturer Association) format. For the quantitative evaluation of the impact of successive voltage sags, an assessment formulation using the voltage sag contour was proposed. The proposed formulation was tested by using the voltage sag contour data of IEEE standard and the results of the test. Through the case studies, we verified that the proposed method can be effectively used to evaluate the actual impact of successive voltage sans.