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Title Coordination of Generator Maintenance Schedule in Two-Way Bidding Pools
Authors 한석만(Han Seok-Man) ; 정구형(Chung Koo-Hyung) ; 김발호(Kim Balho H.) ; 박종배(Park Jong-Bae) ; 차준민(Cha Jun-Min)
Page pp.685-688
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Generator Maintenance Schedule ; Coordination ; TWBP Markets ; ISO′s Coordination Procedure
Abstract In competitive electricity markets, the System Operator (SO) coordinates the overall maintenance schedules whenever the collective maintenance schedule reported to SO by Gencos in the pool does not satisfy the specified operating criteria, such as system reliability or supply adequacy. The SO's coordination usually involves sorts of financial conflict among Genco's. This paper proposes a coordination algorithm which minimizes the total financial loss of Genco's while satisfying the required operating criteria.