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Title On Line Fault Diagnosis in the Large Power System
Authors 김정년(Kim Jung-Nyun) ; 백영식(Baek Sik-Young) ; 서규석(Seo Gyul-Seok)
Page pp.205-211
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Power Systems ; Expert System ; Modulation ; Diagnosis ; Inference Engine ; Knowledge-Based Systems
Abstract Recently, power system is getting larger and more complex. When the complex power system has a problem, it is very difficult even for the experts to find out where the problem is and to make a timely decision by operators. There have been many studies on these problems but the results are not good enough for applying to real power system. Therefore, power system operators always had to judge the exact state of power system and be preparative for the problems that can occur later. We developed new methods that can be applied to complex power system by dividing the system into small modules. By using 'module', we can combine small modules together to make complex power systems and the knowledge base that is applied to fault diagnosis system. As a result, compared to previously developed diagnosis products, operation time is shortened and the knowledge base is become simpler and clearer, which made online usage capable. This system can be used as a complementary measurement that helps the operator from making any mistakes.