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Title A Study on the Bus-Tie Application of 154kV HTS-FCL in Korean Power System
Authors 김종율(Kim Jong-Yul) ; 윤재영(Yoon Jae Young) ; 이승열(Lee Seung Rvul)
Page pp.226-233
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 초전도한류기 ; 고장전류 ; 전력계통 ; Bus-Tie 적용 ;
Abstract As the power demand has been increasing, a fault current problem is becoming more serious in real power system. Various ways like bus-split operation, transmission line open operation, are used in Korean power system for solving the problem. In this time, superconducting FCL(Fault Current Limiter) has been developed as a vary attractive alternative since HTS(High Temperature Superconductivity) was discovered. Korea, a project developing superconducting FCL to apply to 154kV transmission system is proceeding. Therefore, a power system analysis for SFCL application to power system is necessary, This paper presents the determination of quenching resistance and the selection of optimal cites when 154kV HTS-FCL is applied to Korean power system.