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Title Optimum Locations of Passe Conductor Loops for Magnetic Field Mitigation of Transmission Line using GA
Authors 신명철(Shin Myong-Chul) ; 김종형(Kim Jong-Hyung)
Page pp.234-241
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Magnetic Field Mitigation ; Passive Conductor Loop ; Genetic Algorithm
Abstract The performance of passive conductor loop (hereinafter 'loop') method which is used to mitigate the magnetic field around overhead power transmission line is dependent on its configuration and installed location, which are affected by installation conditions of the loops such as objective areas and levels of magnetic field mitigation. Thus, because the design problem of loops is difficult and cumbersome by variety of their configuration and complexity of magnetic coupling mechanism, it is need to be formulated as a computer-based optimum problem to determine the most effective and reasonable loop model satisfying the installation conditions. In this paper, the optimum locations of the multi-wired multiple loops including series reactance compensations are searched by using the genetic algorithm (GA) to mitigate effectively the magnetic fields of relatively near points or far points from transmission line at Am height, and the magnetic fields mitigation characteristics of each loop are analyzed in the view of magnitude, direction and phase of cancellation fields by polarized vector concept to identify their adequacy and rationality for the installation objectives.