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Title A Study on the Optimal Voltage Regulation in Distribution Systems with Dispersed Generation Systems
Authors 김미영(Kim Mi-Young) ; 오용택(Oh Yong-Taek) ; 안재윤(An Jae-Yun) ; 김재언(Kim Jae-Eon) ; 김응상(Kim Eung_Sang) ; 노대석(Rho Dae-Seok)
Page pp.251-258
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Dispersed Generation ; ULTC ; SVR ; Optimal Voltage Regulation
Abstract Recently, the domestic and foreign power trends are the supply of high quality power and environment conservation technology based on the new energies development. So, the dispersed generation systems, such as photovoltaic, fuel cell, and battery are to be introduced in distribution systems. According to the situation change, power of high Quality and reliability are required in distribution systems with dispersed generation. Up to now, the voltage in distribution systems are regulated by ULTC of substation and pole transformer of primary feeders. These days, Step Voltage Regulator(SVR) is getting established at distribution feeders to regulate effectively voltage of primary ffeders that voltage drop exceeds 5 %. But, because SVR is operated independently with ULTC of substation, SVR can not take play to its full effectivity. Under these circumstances, in order to deliver suitable voltages to as many customers as possible, new optimal voltage regulation algorithms are required in distribution system. So, this paper presents optimal voltage regulation algorithm to regulate voltage effectively for ULTC and SVR in distribution systems with dispersed generation systems.