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Title Iron Core Effects on Maximum Temperature Rise of Superconducting Transformer during Quench
Authors 나완수(Nah, Wan-Soo) ; 주진호(Joo, Jin-Ho)
Page pp.7-12
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Superconducting transformer ; Maximum temperature rise ; Quench
Abstract In this paper, the analytical results on the maximum temperature rise estimation, taking account of the magnetizing current, are presented. Magnetizing current effects are considered for the maximum temperature rise estimation during quenches. By introducing the first order model of the infinite solenoids, we calculate the magnetizing and leakage inductances of the coaxial-wound-superconducting transformers. As the permeability of the transformer core increases, so does the magnetizing inductance, while the leakage inductances and the magnetizing current of the transformer go down. These varying permeability effects on maximum temperature rise estimation is applied to the superconducting transformers, of which specifications have already been published. The calculated results showed sufficient margins to the thermal damage.